Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tictail shop closing down & succulent friends

 That was a bit of a random title, but there's a lot of things going on at the moment!
 First  of all. As a quick heads up, I will be closing down my Tictail shop next Tuesday since they will start taking fees for the custom shops and a commission for each sale. I am pretty sad about this, as the platform itself was pretty nice, but what can you do... Anyway if you were thinking of getting my comic or a small print sometime later, do it now :’D

Of course, even after the shop is gone one can get anything they like from me via just sending an email to haltijakapala [å] gmail.com, and I’ll look into setting up another shop somewhere else as soon as I have a bit of free time on my hands.

Secondly, I haven't had the time to start anything new as I have a friend from Japan visiting my this week, but I'll get on with my next Heavenly Body hopefully already next week!
 In the mean time, we've been having amazing adventures all around Helsinki, like meeting all these pretty little succulents at the Botanic Garden.

Well, this last one is not a succulent at all, but still a pretty amazing little guy!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Exhibition and Pakanalliset Syysmessut

Just a quick reminder to all of you Finnish people that the Tikkurila exhibition is open until Saturday the 9th!

p.s. Thank you all who managed to find our table in the Comics Festival, it was nice chatting with all of you!

p.p.s. I have a table booked in the Pakanalliset Syysmessut in Suvilahti 23.-24.9.! I'll post more info about it closer to the date, but if you're there, do come say hi~~

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Shura finished & announcements

Shura. From the front, and kindly he gives you a glimpse of his backside too. This and the centipede will become bookmarks, hopefully in time for Sarjisfestarit next weekend! Me and Rikkisu​ will be sharing a table at Zinefest in Tiivistämö (not Oranssi, as there are two spots!)
Shura is a total babe who came to me in a dream, one of the best I've ever had. I’ve done a piece on it too, it is buried somewhere deep within my blog. Originally he was a male witch elf from Warhammer (my own AU of course, since in canon there are no such things, which is stupid), nowadays he is so much more!
I have more of these bookmarks planned, too, I call this series of floaty boys The Celestial Bodies (cue absolutely no laughter).

 As for the rest of this Autumn, I will sadly have very little time to draw as I am attempting a swift garduation from the University . Thesis will take a lot of time to get done, I fear... But before that I will attend one more event the Pagan Autumn Fair in September of which I'll tell more closer to the event!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Return of Shura

Working on something new~ This is an iteration of one old character that first came to me in a dream, as a male witch elf from Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Nowadays he has a new identity.

I Might get this done by Sarjakuvafestivaalit, where I’ll be sharing a table with Rikkisu Zinefest!

Monday, 21 August 2017

The exhibition is open!

The exhibition is officially open! Welcome everyone ^^The originals will be up on display until the 9th of September!
 In other great news, I will be sharing a table with the wonderful Rikkisu in the Zinefest of Helsinki Comics festival on the first weekend of September! I'll see if I can cook up something small and shenanigan-y for the event~ More information will be shared closer to the event.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

A new exhibition of the same comic :D

Second round of rubbing my comic originals in the face of innocent passer-bys en masse is a-go~! Well, next week, that is.

More info in English below, but before that some Finnish.
Sulkia & Suomuja -sarjakuvanäyttely
Tikkurilan kirjasto, 2. kerros
Lummetie 4

Näyttely on avoinna 21.8.-9.9.2017
Ma-Pe 8-20
La-Su 10-16

Sulka & Suomu -sarjakuvan julkaisunäyttelystä tulikin pieni näyttelykiertue! Esillä myös aiemmin näkemättömiä originaalisivuja sarjakuvasta.

Sulka & Suomu on pieni haitarikirjasarjakuva, sen lisäksi se on koe siitä miten syklinen ja monisuuntainen kerronta voisi toimia paperisena sarjakuvana. Sulka & Suomu on unenomainen tarina kahden inhimillisiä ja epäinhimillisiä piirteitä omaavan olennon kohtaamisesta ja sen seuraamuksista.


Feathers & Scales
An exhibition of comic page originals.
Tikkurila Library
Lummetie 4
The exhibition is open 21.8.-9.9.2017
Mon-Fri 8-20
Sat-Sun 10-16

 The Feather & Scale publication exhibition turned into a mini-tour! A few new, yet unseen originals will also be on display.

Feather & Scale is a small accordion book-comic. It is an experiment, a study of how cyclic and multilinear storytelling could function in paper format. It is also a dreamlike story of the meeting of two creatures; and the multiple consequences that ensue.


ps. If you want to RSVP to the FB-event, please do <3

Monday, 7 August 2017

Worldcon is just about here!

Worldcon begins in a few days! Me & my pal Pihlajatar will be sharing table numbered M2 and marked on the map in the Creators' Alley on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! The sellers change a bit everyday, so there's plenty to see on the alley every day!

 The opening hours of the hall are:
Friday 10 - 18
Saturday 10 - 18
Sunday 10 - 15

 And remember! You don't need a membership to visit the Trader Hall & Creators' Alley! Everyone can come! For the time being this will be my last confirmed event that I will be in, so if you want to see my stuff live, now's the last chance (for now)
...And then there is new art :'D

This started out as a joke in my sketchbook, but then I wanted to make an actually bookmark about it. I mean, everyone needs a little cheering up&on from time to time, I know I do. This little guy does it for you sevenfold.
I have a whole bunch these planned, but it might take a while for them to get done, seems like my traditional post-comic depression has finally caught up with me, and I get absolutely nothing done. This one took me weeks D’: So please don't expect too much of me in the next few weeks, I need gather my pieces from the floor and try to assemble them into a human being again.